Interview Preparation

Job interviews can be an intimidating task

if you are unprepared.  Proper preparation

will help alleviate some of the stress involved

in job interviews and the more you prepare,

the more comfortable and successful you will

be interviewing.  




You have just accepted a position with another company and are in the process of turning in your

notice. It was a difficult decision,

and you thought long and hard

about what path you would take.

But you have decided to leave. In your resignation meeting, you tell your employer you have decided to leave the company to go to another opportunity.

Resume Writing Tips

Attract more interviews offers and

insure your resume doesn't eliminate you for 

consideration by following these easy steps.


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Phone Interview Tips

Your resume is stellar, your background seems to fit exactly what the employer wants and now

they want to speak with you however,

the first step is a phone interview. 

The results will determine if they

want to meet with you in person.