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Telephone Interviews 

Stand up; you will be less nervous and will project better. 

Enthusiasm and passion are all you have to sell. 

Have a copy of your resume in front of you – so you can see what the hiring authority is seeing. 

Know your background. Review your past job history, including dates and earnings. 

Think about the key functions of this job… where have you had experience and SUCCESS in similar responsibilities in your past? 

ONLY use a cell phone if you are stationary and KNOW you will have good reception. Do not risk being mobile and dropping the call. (Not to mention, you should be prepared to take notes on the conversation) 

Focus! Distractions are a killer. i.e.; emails popping up, barking dog, screaming kids, etc. 

Use notes rather than a script, a highlight film.  Don’t dominate the call by going over your entire career in 40mins, make it brief and concise. 

Active listening – watch the flow of the conversation, is there a balance of who is talking and who is listening? 

Be sure to avoid cutting the other person off (count to 3 when they pause). 

Have a series of questions ready. Choose questions that show you’ve done some homework – maybe refer to a recent press release from the website! 

You must try to find out if there are any questions about your credentials. Flush out objections with, 

“Is there anything about our conversation today that would keep you from setting up a second interview?” 

If you are interested in pursuing– let them know, try to close on the next step…        

“I’ve enjoyed our conversation. There is only so much we can cover on the phone, when can I meet you (or have another phone call)?" 

Have some good questions for him and remember to close him at the end.

Phone Interview Tips