Our Process

•Source and screen potential candidates to identify the ones most suitable for the position while keeping all searches confidential and professional.
•Spend time with the candidates to understand what their career goals are to ensure the opening fits their criteria.
•After determining a possible fit, we spend time with the candidate to explain in detail the prerequisites for the position, make up of the ideal candidate and managements style and expectations.

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•Arrange face-to-face interviews with clients and candidates.
•Debrief client and candidate to determine suitability and arrange the next step.

•Act as a liaison between the client and candidate to insure that the selected candidate accepts with mutually beneficial terms and conditions.
•Perform all follow-up after candidate has accepted to insure satisfaction.

•Interview client to understand the history, management team, market segment, company culture, and value proposition.
•Discuss with client the position in detail, understand the duties and responsibilities, professional and technical skills required and what other strengths the organization possess to attract the top prospects in the industry.